Who We Are

Pan African Capital Group, LLC is a private equity and investment banking firm focused exclusively on Sub-Saharan Africa.  Building on a core of business that leverages its relationships with a number of key companies in Africa, we provide advice and capital to increase our partners’ ability to compete on a global basis and build markets for their products and services. In particular, Pan African Capital Group targets opportunities in financial services, infrastructure, telecommunications, agribusiness, building materials, and manufacturing.


About our tree

"The Legend of the Baobab Tree"

Among the first trees God created in Africa was the mighty Baobab. Next came the tall slender Palm tree and when the Baobab saw it, it cried out wanting to be taller. Then God made the Flame tree with its beautiful flowers, and the Baobab was envious and asked God to give it flowers. So God gave the Baobab lots of flowers. Then the Baobab saw the magnificent Fig tree with its foliage and fruit, and cried out to God demanding fruit as well. God was very angry and pulled the Baobab tree up by its roots and turned it upside down to keep it quiet. That's why the Baobab tree looks the way it does.

The baobab tree is an expression of community in Africa, providing a forum for people to come together to resolve disputes, plan the coming years, conduct business, and learn about their neighbors. Pan African Capital Group uses the baobab tree on our logo because it represents what we attempt to do every day in our affairs, which is to foster the creation of community through financing the Africa of tomorrow.